Senior Sports Banners

Hey all!  Just wanted to share the latest design proofs for an upcoming senior sports shoot.  I love these shoots because I get to give the senior boys and girls something to remember and it gives me a chance to get creative.  It's also great to see your work hanging from the bleachers at a high school football stadium!

So let's get to the new designs.  

For the boys, I wanted to keep the grungy look but step it up a notch and add some drama.  So i decided to swap the custom M design for one of my earlier shots of the stadium with some creative transforms, added lights and a ton of smoke brush effects.

For the girls, I wanted to do something entirely different so I went for a more classic look with a swipe graphic and overlayed the same stadium image.

Let me know what you think in the comments.  Or, if you'd like something like this, shoot me an email at

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