A storm is brewing

As mentioned previously, using the cold and dark months to get more in touch with my artistic side combining photography and photoshop.  In this example, I wanted to emphasize the dance motion using a grunge effect with dynamic lines while still keeping with the Asylum theme.

Original below...

The end of an Era

This is my short tribute to my daughter and her fellow MHS Senior Football cheerleaders.  Congratulations to all!

Senior Cheer Shoot

So it's been awhile since my last post but I've definitely been keeping busy!  

Through trial and error, I've developed a nice preset I've been using quite a bit lately as it seems to work on just about any of my images.  I've applied some variation of it to all of the images below which were taken recently during a spontaneous shoot at the local high school football field.

If you're interested in setting up a shoot of your own, just let me know at info@cmartcreations.com 

New Portfolio Site!

I've re-opened my SmugMug site to securely publish photos from all photo shoots.  This is where you can go to view your proofs, order prints, and view and order anything from my public portfolio.

Currently there isn't much there, but I'll be adding more over the next couple of weeks.

Off the Beaten Path - Mulhauser Barn

Spent time today exploring new shoot locations and came across Mulhauser Barn in Beckett Park.  Been in and around Westchester for several years and for whatever reason never came across the park.  A biking/walking trail surrounded the area filled with wildflowers, birds, fishing ponds and plenty of places for some great shots.  I'll definitely have to come back.

Mulhauser Barn est. 1881  (Nikon D7100 w/ Tamron 70-200mm 2.8)