2013 Family Photoshoot

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from our family photoshoot.  This is my first attempt at a photoshoot, all using self-timer.  They were all taken in October 2013 on a nice fall day in Pine Hill Park in Mason.

The biggest challenge was keeping everyone happy long enough to setup a good pose, set the timer, and run back into position.  I chose the picture above because it's one of my favorites with the detail of the leaves in the foreground and the backlight from the sun.  

I've also posted many of the others here.

Stix Baseball

Had the opportunity to watch a Stix baseball game at the new P&G Urban Youth Academy fields in Cincinnati.  The complex just recently opened and featured field turf for the infield grass and basepaths.  Excellent facility!

Here's a few pictures from the game with Gage and Tyler.

Jacked In

This is the first official post of my new photography blog.  I'll be posting all of my public pictures to Flickr and use this blog to share more information and highlight some of my favorite photos.  

This is one of my recent photo manipulations of the Pride Senior Hip Hop team.